Lucky Dog Grooming vs Petsmart Dog Grooming – What’s the difference?

With the internet, we can now find the nearest and the best grooming service for your dog, or anything else at the click of the mouse. Lucky Dog Grooming and PetSmart Dog Grooming are both good grooming establishments and one can choose either, depending on their requirements and the location. Read on to understand the differences between the two grooming establishments. 

Lucky Dog Grooming

When talking about this establishment, all regular dog grooming services are offered here. Lucky Dog Grooming has great reviews from many satisfied families for their exceptional services. All the groomers are experienced and offer nail clipping, ear cleaning, medicated treatments at no extra cost, and baths. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are done by trained associates who are gentle and know how to handle difficult and temperamental dogs. 

The groomers here do not use any type of sedatives for the animal, making it a safe place to bring your dog. The establishment has been grooming dogs for twenty-two years and is experienced at handling dogs of different temperaments without a problem. 

PetSmart Dog Grooming

There are many benefits to using this renowned service provider. PetSmart is a reputed establishment offering not just grooming, but many other services that are included. 

Training for groomers and stylists

PetSmart trains groomers and stylists at their in-house grooming and styling training. There are short as well as extended courses depending on what the individual wishes to pursue.

Breed-specific Service

It is important to understand that every breed of dog has different requirements to remain healthy. This is why they have a special express service for English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, and Boston Terriers. These breeds have respiratory problems that may be triggered by stress, starting at the groomers. Therefore, the express service ensures that they get first priority and fast service.

Pet daycare, boarding, training, adoptions are few of the other services offered by this exceptional establishment. They also provide specialized care for senior dogs along with attractive offers to make their stay affordable and enjoyable. Boarding options are available for cats as well as dogs.  

PetSmart classes ensure that they impart impartial training to puppies and grown dogs as well for all types of behavioral problems. They also offer veterinary services to ensure the safety of their borders and daycare members.

It is of utmost importance that we provide the best options for our pets, whether is for grooming or otherwise. Lucky Dog Grooming has many advantages and years of experience mean that they know exactly what they are doing as well as maintain their reputation as one of the best grooming services available in the area. 

PetSmart is a comparatively new establishment and offers and a wide range of services to its clients. They train new employees to ensure that service quality does not drop and also their grooming service is notably one of the best in the area. 

Whichever option you choose, you can rest assured that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the service of either.