How often should you groom your dog?

Getting a pet dog is not as simple as it seems. Dogs or any other pet will require regular maintenance, much like us to thrive in good health. If you are pressed for time due to work commitment and/or frequent traveling then it is advisable to get low maintenance dogs that have short hair and do not require frequent trips to the groomers. 

The regular schedule that you should keep for your dog, long-haired or not is minimum once a month, to ensure that everything is regularly checked and taken care of. Older dogs and puppies will require more care than a regular, healthy middle-aged dog. 

Environment matters

There are various factors besides the breed of dog that matter. Some of these include living in a hot and humid environment means that your pet should be checked frequently, whereas damp conditions can lead to yeast infections and other problems like flea and tick infestations. Living in the suburbs where the dog is allowed to roam the backyard regularly may bring back home unfriendly visitors along with the pet. 

Different coats require special care

Short hair dogs need occasional baths and brushing besides the regular brushing of the teeth, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. 

Short-haired double-coated dogs shed seasonally and one should fix appointments minimum four times a year with a groomer to ensure that the shedding is properly taken care of. 

Double-coated long-haired dogs also shed seasonally, however, due to the extra-long hair, they require everyday brushing to avoid tangles and knots. In between the paws, the bum and the back and the hair under the belly and around the ears should be detangled every day to avoid discomfort for the dogs. 

Dogs with thick undercoats, like Newfoundland, should not only be brushed extensively every day to remove tangles and avoid shedding inside the house. These dogs can be groomed every three months at the groomers for their coats. 

Silky-coated dogs need their coats brushed regularly and should be groomed regularly, every four to six weeks to avoid tangles and discomfort for the dog. 


Besides all the care for their skin and coat, another point to remember is that dogs will require regular deworming to ensure a healthy and shining coat. Worms can wreak havoc to the dogs’ skins and stomachs and should be done every three months for maintenance. Without proper deworming, they can get tapeworms and heartworms.

There are many dogs that can develop allergies due to low immunity or health problems that may have gone unnoticed. Breeds that are prone to allergic skin conditions are Afghan Hounds, Bedlington Terriers, Bichon Frises, and Giant Schnauzer, to name a few. 

Flea and tick infestations

Flea and tick infestations should be regularly checked. If dogs’ coat is regularly brushed and taken care of, the likelihood of them getting an infestation is less. Although, in this case, the environment also makes a huge difference. 

Taking care of our pets is essential for their health and wellbeing, physical as well as emotional. Dogs are part of the family and should be shown the same love and respect that we have for one another if you want the pet to enjoy a long and healthy life.