Dog Grooming Supplies – The Essential Tools

If you are a proud pet owner and have multiple dogs, it is likely that you will learn how to do basic grooming for your pets to avoid the hassle of regular visits to the groomers.  While it is vital for the dog’s wellbeing to have them checked by professionals, regular grooming is a must for all dog owners. 

As a pet owner, you should have the essential tools to ensure a healthy dog at home. Some of these tools include nail clippers, bathing paraphernalia, ear cleansing solutions, brushes and a detangle solution for long-haired dogs. Shears are an option if you want to trim your dog at home. 

Brushes & clippers

There are various types of brushes for different types of coats and to detangle mats. Bristle brushes are for all types of hair and hard bristles are great for thick coarse hair, while softer brushes are suitable for thinner or medium coat dogs. 

The other types of brushed include wire pin for medium coat dogs and rakes for matted dogs. Shedding brush is for long-haired dogs that have double coats and can be done at home. Curry combs work to get debris out of the coat before the actual brush. Hair clippers are necessary for long-haired dogs that need shearing during the warmers days and also for regular trimming. 

Nail Clippers

Overgrown nails are painful for the dog and there is a variety of clippers to deal with it. Plier and claw style cutters are spring-loaded and are the most popular type. Guillotine trimmers have a replaceable blade that trims the nails when depressed. Filing tools are required to file the nail to a smooth and even finish. Styptic powder is required to stop bleeding in case of accidental cutting of the kwik and should always be stocked. 


Regular shampoos consist of tear-free shampoos for the dogs, oatmeal shampoos for irritated and itchy skin. Natural shampoos are best for the dog’s coat and often have herbal additions for the best hair and skin. Medicated dips are usually used by professionals who treat yeast, fungal infections, mange, flea and tick treatments and so on. Similar to us, dogs have conditioners to sooth and soften the hair after a wash.

Ear cleaning

Dogs need to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis, depending on their activity level and you can clean it yourself with the right solutions and cotton balls. Getting ear cleansers that are approved by vets is important to ensure that it does not cause irritation. Cotton balls for gentle ear rubs and cleaning. Ear medications approved by the veterinary doctors for infections of ear mites. 

These are the most essential tools required by any dog owner to ensure a healthy coat and a happy pet at home. Despite this, it is advisable to visit a professional every six months to ensure that everything is well with the pet. It is important to make it a habit to groom your pet regularly from a young age so that it is an enjoyable time for both and the best time to bond with your pet.