Dog Grooming “Clippers” vs “Scissors” vs “Shears”

Dogs can be a handful when they are not comfortable with the activity at hand. Grooming can be a stressful activity for many dogs, although, it also can be relaxing when done right. Most dogs enjoy a good grooming session with a person they know or love. 

There are many types of clippers, shears, scissors and brushes for dog grooming activities. Each has its own purpose. Clippers are usually for trimming heavy growth of hair; shears are usually for thinning a thick and dense coat. Scissors, depending on which type it is, should be used when trying to cut behind the ears, legs, and tails. 

Dog Grooming Scissors

If you are confused about which pair of scissors you need to use, the best way to start is by evaluating the type of coat the dog has, and how thick and dense it is. For long-haired and larger breeds, you may have to use straight scissors. Straight scissors come in a variety of weights and lengths. Longer ones are commonly used for larger breeds and the heavy ones are for thick and dense coats trimming. 

Curved and long scissors are for larger breeds compared to the curved heavy ones commonly used for thicker and denser coat. Curved scissors can be used around the legs, giving a neater finish to the cuts. There are broader curves and tighter curves for scissors that are used for large and small breed long-haired respectively. 

Dog Grooming Shears

Thinning scissors and grooming shears are the same things. This type of scissors has a wide or thin tooth blade comb for one side and an actual blade on the other side; the other type has both sides that have wide or thin tooth blade comb.It is very useful for long unruly and matted hair, as it can neatly snip it without taking a big chunk of hair from the coat, as with normal shaped scissors. This type of cutting is also suitable for thinning out areas that have a lot of hair, like for feathered tails of a cocker spaniel or a golden retriever, the neck areas and the legs. 

Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog grooming clippers are used for trimming dense and overgrown hair. Although for double-coated dogs or very thick coats, clipper blade size can be adjusted to give a clean or a close trim. Professional grade clippers are required for dense and thick coats dogs such as Malamutes, Chows, Akita, and Huskies. Human clippers are similar, but it is important to remember the human clippers cannot be substituted as dog hair is generally much thicker than ours. 

If you are a dog owner and wish to trim your dog on a regular basis, it is wise to choose scissors as well as thinning shears or scissors to do the job well. For professional services, it is advisable to visit the groomer every 6 months when required. Grooming depends on the dog’s temperament and is a good time to bond with your pet. Grooming a dog takes time, patience and practice, and you will then get the best trim.