Dog Grooming School Comparison


Crazy picture right!? Totally. That’s an actual marketing photo from the Starwood Arts of Dog Groom School in Thailand. P.S – I didn’t study there. But here is a rundown of the top dog grooming schools in Texas. 1 – San Antonio Grooming Academy San Antonio Grooming Academy – Bringing Excellence Back … Do you…

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Mobile Dog Grooming – Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Pet Grooming So you’ve seen some vans with photographs of adorable little dogs on the sides cruising around tound?. What you have presumably observed is likely a Mobile Pet Groomer. A portable pet groomer is an independent expert preparing in a customized van that goes to your home to…

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How to Groom a Mean Dog


I guess I’m just super lucky because up until now all my dogs have just been super nice. But in preparation for a future doggy encounter I was inspired to repost this amazing video I found on yotube. In my opinion the best way to handle an agressive dog would be to start with a…

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