Best Dog Grooming Tables – What are they and how do they work?

As a professional groomer, one of the most important investments to make is in the equipment. For easy handling, and safety of the dog, grooming table is a necessity for professional service, as the groomer is likely to receive dogs of all sizes and shapes. 

Types of grooming tables

There is a variety to choose from depending on the requirements and the volume at the grooming salon. Groomers have a choice of regular foldable tables for this purpose, or if there is a high volume of various breeds, large and small, one can opt for the electric and the hydraulic options. 

Foldable and height adjusting tables are the cheapest option available in the market. This is a good option for low volume or for home use with small pets. 

Hydraulic tables have a foot-operated hydraulic pump that may be used to increase or decrease the height of the table. This is suitable for a low volume of grooming, as it can get quite tiring to adjust, several times a day for higher volumes. 

Electric tables are the most expensive variety. They are good option kennels, shelter and veterinary service offices for a high volume of dogs for grooming or handling.

What are the features of the tables?

The main reason to use the table is to get the animal to our height to reduce strain while working. The other reason is to ensure the security and the safety of the animal during the grooming process. There are many features, such as the tool holding station for easy grooming and the main function is to secure the animal during the grooming process with the harness, the noose, and the loops. 

Harnesses are used to secure large and extra-large dogs to the table for extensive grooming while standing. Nooses are the same for medium to small dogs and used to secure and keep them standing. The cross tie system ensures that there is a cord around the neck and the cross ties around the leg and the table.

H-Bar is used to restrain anxious dogs and comes with two hooks on the sides. While this is beneficial for securing anxious dogs, it restricts movement on both sides of the table. 

Regular arms for restraining is a better option for movement and accessibility for the groomers. It is important to choose a good quality study table that can wear the weight of heavy dogs and tugging and pulling that may ensue with nervous animals. 

These are the basic functions of dog tables for grooming, and the prices can be steep for high-quality sturdy tables. will depend on the volume of clients and the variety that you may need to service. 

The size of the table will make a difference; a high volume of animals may need two tables instead of one at the groomers’, to accommodate bathing and drying and the other for basic grooming. Safety is the most important thing to ensure for the animal, as well as, the groomer. The ultimate choice of the table should be a sturdy table to enable secure grooming for every client.