What is cageless dog grooming and what are the benefits?

It is no secret that dogs need to be groomed regularly to avoid health problems and discomfort over time. It is a highly debated topic amongst groomers all around. Is caging a dog a necessarily cruel practice, or is it beneficial for the dog in the long run?

Caged grooming

For large grooming establishments, cages are just a way to ensure the security and safety of your pet. If this reminds you of unclean cages where the dogs are kept before and after grooming then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Cages are often seen by the owners as cruel and inhuman; more groomers are opting to use other methods to keep the pooches entertained before and after the grooming session. 

Alternate holdings

Using eye bolts to which dogs may be tethered before and after grooming is a common practice in many professional dog grooming facilities. Many choose to make only one appointment at a time so that they can give their full attention to the dog and the animal need not wait. 

Single appointments 

Cages are used by many groomers to keep the dogs until it is their turn to be groomed. Cage-free grooming has become popular and groomers are trying to find ways to overcome the problem of cages for dogs during the holding period. 

Single appointments work well for the groomer as well as the dog, as it ensures that there is personal attention for each client. However, many large pet grooming salons lose out on a lot of business this way, unless they have separate chambers catering to more than one dog at a time. Having a cage-free environment can be difficult with large breeds of dogs that are anxious and difficult to handle.  

Benefits of a cageless dog grooming environment

Dogs are considered a part of the family and many cannot fathom leaving their beloved family members in the cage to wait for their turn for grooming.

  • It is stressful for the dog, as it is unusual for them to be restrained in a cage, and that can lead to more behavioral problems when taken out for their turn. 
  • Relaxed dog equates to an easier time for the groomer. Cage-free grooming makes it more enjoyable for the dog as well as the groomer. Individual attention is appreciated by the dog and their owners. 
  • Grooming time is reduced due to the individual attention required for cage-free grooming. 
  • Less noise and hassle with individual service.
  • Choosing mobile grooming trucks is a great way to ensure a cage-free environment as a mobile grooming salon travels to your house or workplace to ensure the complete safety of your pooch. 

Going cageless means that the sanitation at the groomers has to be superior. Without monitoring every action, it is not possible to know where the previous dog has been. Also, older dogs with compromised immune systems can get infected if hygiene is not the prime focus of the groomers. 

More groomers understand the benefit and risk involved with cageless dog grooming, however, considering the numerous benefits, more grooming centers and professional groomers are working on an individual basis to ensure comfort for dogs and their human parents.